Stage Branding

The Airstream stage can be easily branded to your event or promotion with pre configured signs, banners and on body vinyl prints.

We can supply and fit everything so the Airstream stage arrives ready for show.

All the signage dimms are here should you prefer to make your own.



The Airstream mobile stage from being used indoors as a DJ booth for a JD Sports promotion #FaceofJD
Bulletstage, Airstream stage / DJ booth, PA and lighting


Stage signage



Overhead sign

2440mm x 610mm

Corex, Foamex or composite board (Di-bond)

Stage front banner

4550mm x 700mm

PVC banner

Airstream trailer windows

Rear window:


Corex, Foamex or composite board (Di-bond)

Front window:


Corex, Foamex or composite board (Di-bond)


For short term stage signage, corex or foamex is perfectly fine, however, for longer projects involving multiple locations, we recommend using a more hardwearing material such as an aluminium composite board  (Sky-bond, Di-bond, Di-lite)

Airstream trailer body / livery / decal graphics

A scale drawing of the trailer can be provided for your graphic designer to work from. It may be more cost effective to place a design, avoiding the original Airstream door and windows as application and removal on these areas can be time consuming.

Stage side (large door which opens to become the stage roof)

max available area 4200mm x 1800mm low tac vinyl graphic

Trailer side / back stage (which has the original Airstream door and windows)

max available are 4600mm x 2000mm low tac vinyl graphic