PA system hire / Lighting hire

Available with or without a shiny Airstream stage, our modern, well maintained equipment is delivered and engineered by friendly, knowledgeable staff, on hand to support your every event need. 

We stock PA systems from DAS Audio and HK Audio: from 2 speakers on stands to a full concert line array system for 10,000 people our systems are expertly installed and operated and come with matching stage monitor sets.

We use (rider friendly) digital mixing consoles from Midas and Soundcraft and every Bulletstage Live band package includes a large selection of professional vocal and instrument mics, DI's, cables and stands from leading manufactures such as Shure, Senheiser, AKG and Audix.  

Below are some examples of ground stack PA systems we have available. We have several of these systems in stock so can easily and scale up a system to your requirements, or add an extra sub where more oomf is desired.. 




Over the course of the past twenty years, the name HK AUDIO® has become synonymous in Europe with live sound reinforcement systems of the highest quality. Made in Germany, these systems are the product of a lifelong passion and pursuit of a vision - the aspiration to deliver perfect sound.


D.A.S. Audio is a leading manufacturer of sound reinforcement systems, loudspeaker components, amplifiers and digital signal processors; recognized around the world for its quality products and customer oriented service, the company’s highly qualified staff is dedicated to designing and building an extensive line-up of products used wherever reliability and sound quality are requisite. 


We use Chauvet stage lighting to enhance our stages and make sure performances are bright and memorable. Starting with General LED washes - light bars, blinders, strobes, moving heads and a hazer (smoke machine) or 2 can be added to build your desired show. 

Chauvet is a major innovator, developer and manufacturer, leading the entertainment lighting market in terms of design, flexibility and options.